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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> that's right. the victims have been identified. and her seven year-old son. according to the dad the mom and the son and the uncle were crossing the street from the laundry matt here. they were crossing when they were about to have dinner with the family. sp before they got to the end of the street, they were struck. >> it all happened in the blink of an eye. according to witnesses. this mom and her 7 year-old son were crossing the street on saturday around 7:00. with the boys uncle. when a hit them and fled the scene. the mom and a 30 year-old woman who leaves behind an 11 year-old and one year-old. the husband ran o hse to see his wife, son and 19 year-old brother fighting for my kids and brother ddle of the and wife.
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i don't know what i'm going to do. >> i'm really broken my heart. my two kids. i have two kids left. that's it. i lose my whole family. i need some help. please. i needp. nbo and family members are collecting donations to help with funeral expenses. a vigil will take place to remember them. oakland police say sunday they have a tentative suspect. but haven't made an arrest. we have to keep in mind the third victim was 19 year-old family member. the uncle of the boy. he remains in critical condition. this has affected the entire community who have told us that this was an accident waiting to happen. this street is extremely busy and nothing has been done by the city of oakland to prevent
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accidents like this. we'll keep on this and have the 11:00. >> thank you. in the north bay, four people esped safely when a large tree landed on a pickup truck and trailer. the tree fell from a hillside along highway 116. you can see it smashed a ford pickup and the trailer it was pulling around 11:00 a.m. the pickup driver suffered cuts to his hand. everyone else was okay. drivers faced delays while crews cleared the scene. >> new at 6:00 a small water main break in san francisco. this afternoon. left streets soggy. water flowed down the intersection. officials were called out to find the source of the leak and they capped it. police closed the intersection briefly but it has been reopened. >> newest democrat running for president is from the bay area. eric swalwell kicked it off from
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dublin. >> this was a homecoming for swalwell. he's a graduate from here at dublin high school. he wants to be president and stop gun violence. >> congressman swalwell returned to dublin to kick off his run for president. he graduated 20 years ago and says his hope town has come a long way. >> to be fair, where we live was not mar a lag. some people in the neighboring cities had a nickname. scrub linn. >> he told the crowd of gun control would be his campaign top priority. >> san bernardino. has been fru by years of inaction to stop gun violence. >> i'm the only candidate proposing that we began and buy
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back every single assault weapon in america. >> gun control a topic that resonates with pat from union city. >> he said enough is enough. that's true. i believe in that. >> he highlights his midwest roots. born in iowa. son of a police officer. and a family of republicans. >> swalwell joins the presidential race in a big growing field of democrats. but does he stand a chance? many say yes. >> should he be at the table? does he have a shot. for sure. is he a guaranteed winner? no. nobody s. >> are you voting for him. >> i'm looking at my choices. i'm excited to be here. >> he wants a public healthcare option available for all to compete with private plans and medicare for those who want it. his campaign slogan is one you'll be hearing a lot.
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>> go big, be bold. do good. >> he wants to make education accessible for all. proposing no interest federal student loans. his stance on gun control will be the toughest battle of all. >> they call me mayor pete. i'm a proud son of indiana. and i am running for president of the united states. >> pete also joining the crowded field of democrats. hoping to run for the white house next year. the two term mayor of indiana. if the 37 year-old gets elected he would be the first openly lgbtq president. >> senator harris released 15 years of tax returns today. the latest candidate it release taxes. she made $1.9 million last year
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with her husband. and a tax bill of 700,000. she made about $157,000 as a senator. and $320,000 as a writer. her husband brought in $1.5 million as ha lawyer. you can keep up with who is running by going to our web site. we have biographies of each person that declared on the democrat side. >> protestors rally at the golden gate bridge. demanding release of wikileaks founder and former u.s. arm intelligence analyst chelsea manning. >> the group marched idgento san francisco. asang has been charged with skipping bail. accused offend conspireing with manning to steal and publish thousands of classified military documents. protestors say the imprisonment is worrying. >> they put a journalist in jail
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for telling truth of u.s. wrong doing. and it threatens jurnlists all over the world. we have to stand up for free speech and free press. >> he is expected to face a u.s. judge next month. he faces up to five years in prison on the u.s. charge if convicted. >> he's back and he's on the prowl. tiger woods won the masters. his first win in a major since 2008. woods has gone through numerous personal and health issues since then. a split from his wife and back surgeries. his 15th major over all. leaving him behind only jack nicholas. >> e bikes are wuled frpulled fm streets of san francisco. >> plus the cost of bay a chus d wod you pay to go to
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leaf to the street have failed. pulling e bikes from the street because of concerns from riders. some of the bikes will stay in service in san jose. the components are different. it is working on rolling out a new bike soon. no word if anyone has been hurt because of the braking issue. >> on the peninsula. there was a race today that is perhaps as close as you can get toling yekif. run rs took over the airport this morning. this was the third annual aviation museum airplane runway run. a 10 k, 5 k and 2 k. and it started on the airplane runway. about half a mile long. which was shut down for the race. and ended at the museum. i was the emcee for the event.
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>> it was chilly. but everyone had fun. japan town was hustling and bustling more than usual this weekend. the sights and sound from the cherry blossom festival. and up next with the 7-day forecast. >> it was a master of all come backs. after a decade of work. tiger woods is
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light nng strikes twice as sha sam stayed in first place for a second week in the box office. reeling in $25 million. that brings its week two earnings to $95 million in the u.s. $221 million worldwide. little opened in second place with $15 million. the remake of hell boy debuted in third. pet cemetery in fourth. while dumb o dropped to fifth. >> many people enjoyed an annual springtime tradition in san francisco this weekend. we were in japan town while
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crowds watched drummers play. this marks the 52nd year for the northern california cherry blossom festival. >> it'sngg the japanese nc culture and the event for everyone to enjoy. and experience it. so that's why it's very unique. and fun. >> and in case you missed it this weekend. the festival continues next saturday and sunday. >> we'll get you the weather for that. in a second. what happens in the next day or two? >> you notice how much cooler it was today. we saw the increase in the clouds. showing us that we see lots of clouds over parts of the bay area and tomorrow we'll see the rain. here's a view from the east bay hills towards san francisco. you see the low clouds in the background. marine layer kicking in. a cooler sea breeze. temperatures have cooled down in
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san francisco. 53 right now. oakland san jose 60 degrees. half-moon bay cooler at 57. i want to show you the really cool shot live camera in walnut creek. i thought it was unusual and fun so see. 65 right now. livermore at 61. this time we're seeing increasing clouds over the bay bridge. that breeze a little bit with the water rippling. the forecast, rain rooarrives tomorrow. it could be messy for the nighttime ride home. and then after that we have a big warm up. thursday to friday. we might be jumping up as much as 20 degrees for some inland areas. for tomorrow storm we'll rank it a 1 out of the five. it's light. there will be times of moderate rain. up to six tenths in some places. more in the higher elevations
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and breezy winds. the timing how it plays out. tomorrow morning you wake up it will be dry. we'll see clouds move in from the north. and lunchtime the rain confined to north bay. in the afternoon between the commute this is where we could see the heaviest rain there. moderate through san francisco. parts of the peninsula coast. 4:00 through 7:00 could be messy. rning.aper isote sprinkles tuesy rainfall amounts between a quarter to half inch. for many areas like san francisco and oakland. san jose and half-moon bay. lows tonight in the 40s. it will be cooler. especially through parts of the north bay in the low 40s. and napa. upper 40s san francisco and oakland. highs tomorrow temperatures will continue to tumble. it will feel like winter. temperatures in the low 50s through upper 50s through the peninsula. san francisco san mateo. 59 degrees. a little bit warmer further
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south. they will get more of the sunshine throughout the day. until the rain moves in later on in the afternoon. here's highs for the next seven days. an example. we'll be below average in san jose at 63. check out sunshine and warmth. thursday and friday in the 80s. here's the 7-day forecast. we have the rain tomorrow. rainy and cool. we have the chance of isolated showers on tuesday. the warming trend starts. plenty of sunshine midweek. warmer and well above average thursday and friday a great beach day. a cooling trend. it's looking like excellent weather for easter. >> people may not remember what they were doing in 2008 when tiger woods won his 14th major at the u.s. open. they will remember today. when woods took the masters. eleven years after winning his last major. today final round. early this morning due to bad
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weather. starting with a two shot lead. tied with tiger until he struck disaster on 15. hitting a tree and in the water. tiger birdied the hole. the shot of the tournament for him. this is the tee shot on par 3, 16. only years of experience can do this. shoot is passed the hole and let the slope of the green do the rest. nearly a hole in one. want easy bird and a lead. a chance to put pressure on tiger. 18th hole. the miss. tiger will bogey 18. it doesn't matter. his first major championship since 2008. it's his fifth green jacket. first since 2005. 22 years after coming off 18 to hug his dad. he hugs his son who had never seen his dad win a major. and his daughter. >> to have my kids there.
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it's come full circle. my dad was here in 1997. now i'm the dad. with two kids. sam actually lost a state soccer tournament yesterday. so i was convinced her to come up and watch the masters. >> the warriors delayed the film review against the clippers to watch woods in the masters. curry almost cried. the warriors won game one by 17. the warriors had 21 turn overs. kerr said they won't go deep in the play offs if that shows up on the stat sheet. >> the quality of the passes are so important. you have to be on target. be sure of yourself. and we got away with it last night. going forward we have to do better of decision making and just the discipline of making a good sharp pass. >> after that film review.
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klay thompson headed to oracle park to watch the giants play. looking to sweep the rockies. a three run shot. the giants couldn't get a hit. longoria find the hole. that was it. the complete game shut out. allowing the one hit. struck out nine. rockies avoid the sweep and the giants are shut out on home field. >> who's hungry? not taking. a's rained out. back in action against the rangers. they trailed until the third home run of the season. chapman connects on his fifth. that's a new franchise record. a's took a lead. the rangers rallied with four in the eighth. the winning run.
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rangers come from behind and win. >> thunder and blazers. paul george had to ice his shoulder during the game. this is oakland native lillard. he had five threes. from way out. george led his team with 26. that made it a one point game. lillard 30 points that's a dagger. blazers take game one. western conference play offs will be really good. >> good start already. >> how many innings did paul george throw? >> quite a lot. >> all right. thank you. we'll be right back.
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tonight at 11:00. a new round of finger pointing and angry back and forth between president trump and the bay area
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mayor over sanctuary cities and le in california. that captivated nation. was that an egg there? i think it is. those stories coming up at 11:00. that's it for us at 6:00. thank you for jr. company and we will see you back here tonight.
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